This project is the visual re-enactment of our ever-increasing desire of being close to nature.


Nude body in nature is highly erotic and awakens the senses. We have seen many people frightened by the idea of being nude or being seen nude by others. The world’s society believes that anything related to body sexually, is negative. People shouldn’t feel ashamed to be what they simply are. Shame over nudity is an culturally conditioned response that is so unnatural.

For this project, we wanted something unique and different to celebrate, explore, honor, imagine, compare and contrast the naked human in all it’s forms.

Our visual content represents a lot of things, like begin, innocence, feminine to portray the beauty of the human person and human sexuality. Above all, our pictures and videos evoke not just an aesthetic response, but an erotic feelings as well.

We don’t like tons of “glamour” and photo-shopped bodies. Only natural beauty, the beauty of women who do not need makeup to look good, whose hair look good as they are, whose skin is beautiful without foundation, and whose body is beautiful without plastic surgery.

We have visited only the best of the best national parks… the majestic mountains, the wild beaches, the mighty rivers that changed the course of human history many times, largest waterfalls, the oldest caves, the deepest canyons. All efforts to create truly remarkable erotic pictures with natural landscapes of great beauty. Unaltered by human exploitation or occupation.

Thank you for supporting this project, we literally would be here without you!


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